Head and shoulders photo of Doug Woods.

Invited Presenation: Doug Woods, Ph.D.

Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics 

Friday 3:00-3:50pm


Tourette Syndrome is a neurological condition consisting of multiple motor and vocal tics that are presumably due to failed inhibition within cortical-striatal-cortical motor pathways. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition among psychiatry and neurology about the utility of behavior therapy procedures in managing the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome in children and adults. Specifically, a Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT), based on habit reversal has been developed and tested. The current talk will briefly review the empirical basis for the CBIT intervention, describe the treatment, and provide data on efficacy and dissemination of the intervention.

Understanding and Treating Trichotillomania 

Saturday 10:30-11:20am


Trichotillomania is much more common than once believed. Effective behavior therapies for these problems exist and recent research has clearly demonstrated that individuals in search of treatment are likely to seek the help of a psychologist or other therapist before any other profession. Unfortunately, data also suggests that a vast majority of mental health professionals do not understand these disorders and are not knowledgeable about available effective treatments. In the current talk Dr. Woods will describe a comprehensive behavioral method for understanding and treating trichotillomania. He will report preliminary results from a recently completed 5-year NIMH-funded clinical trial comparing behavior therapy to psychoeducation/supportive therapy.